TS 300 Toilet Seat Sanitizer

The toilet seat cleaning system is convenient and hygienic to ensure lean seat for the user against the risk infection. The effective concentrate spray solution for easy and quick cleaning of toilet seat.

Standard Features

  • Attractive and streamline designed to complement the other products in MALSTAR hygiene care range.
  • Effective and easy to use.
  • Cost effective and durable.
  • Secured with an integrated lock.
  • Dispense 1400 sprays of 0.18ml liquid per refill of TSR300.

TSR 300 Toilet Seat Cleaner Liquid Refill

* Fragrance are Exotic Lemon, Orange, Neutral (Non Fragrances)

Content : 250ml
Packing : 60 nos per case


Item Code : TS 300
Material : Made of ABS Plastic
Colour : White
Dimension : 114mm(L) x 88mm(W) x 188mm(H)
Packing : 30 nos per carton


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