SD 320 LCD Sanitizer Dispenser

The programmable dispensing system ensuring toilets and urinals are always clean, deodorizes. While leave a fresh scent, hygiene……restroom.

Standard Features

  • Programmable automatic dispense for concentrate SDR 320 cleaner.
  • Eliminates odors at source.
  • Prevent scaling.
  • Cleans continuously.
  • Dispenser interval set from 1 to 59 minutes for cost control usage.
  • Low battery, refill and service indicator for easy service and change refill.
  • Operate with 2 nos alkaline ‘D’ cell batteries last for one year or longer.
  • Lock mechanism for vandalism.
  • Dispense 3000 shots of 0.102ml liquid per refill of SD 320.

SDR 320 Auto Sanitizer Liquid With Enzyme refill

* Fragrance are Exotic Lemon, Orange, Neutral (Non Fragrances)

Content : 320ml
Packing : 24 nos per case


Item Code : SD 320
Material : Made of ABS Plastic
Colour : White
Dimension : 125mm(L) x 90mm(W) x 210mm(H)
Packing : 30 nos per carton


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