MS 80 Sanitary Bag Dispenser

Standard Features

  • Creative hygienic environment.
  • Durable and impact resistant ABS plastic. Easy to mount and attractive design.
  • Does not rust, can be easily refilled at anytime. Reduced labour cost.
  • Deliver the MSR 80 bag of its refill.
  • Suitable for hotels, bankers, fast-food outlets and officers.


Item Code : MS 80
Material : Made of ABS plastic
Colour :

White or specified colour

Dimension : 110mm(L) x 35mm(W) x 170mm(H)
Packing : 30 nos per carton
Item Code : MS 80 Refill
Material : Made of HDPE
Colour : Opaque White
Dimension : 140mm(W) x 220mm(L)
Packing : 75 sheets per pack
100 packs per carton


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