Unilectro (M) Sdn Bhd - Established since 1993 and founded by Mr. Khor Kim Chon, our company is probably the first manufacturing company in Malaysia that specialized in the production, distribution and marketing of top quality washroom and janitorial products.

In line with our expansion and focus primarily on producing world-class standard products, we are pleased to announce our latest investment in a new manufacturing facility in Malaysia of more than 5,000 sq meters; fully equipped with the latest manufacturing machines to produce world-class quality products. At the same time, our company has started the ISO certification programmes as well as our in-housed Research & Development Centre, established with competent engineers and specialists.

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LCD & LED Air Freshener Dispenser
AF 250 / AF 260
Toilet Seat Sanitizer
TS 300
Foam Soap Dispenser
FS 1000
Sanitary Bin with Pedal
SB 230
MF 75 LCD Microfresh Air Freshener Dispensers
MS 210 Fan Operated Air Freshener Dispenser
SD 320 LCD Sanitizer Dispenser
TS 310 Toilet Seat / Hand Sanitizer
MS 1000 Soap Dispenser
MS 25 Sanitary Bag Dispenser
MFR 75 Refill
With 75ml & 3,000 microsprays
TS 300 & TS 310 Refill
Toilet Seat Cleaner &
Hand Sanitizer Refills